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    [Patch Update] 1/25

    25 January 2017 , by admin_warrock

    [Jan 25, 2017 Update] Contents: PACKAGE New* Ellen Ultimate PKGNew* LNY Phoenix PKGNew* Daily Arsenal (Jan) PKG Removed* XmasFairy Ultimate PKG RANDOM BOX New* Valentines WPN RB & Valentines WPN2 RBRemoved* Polar Bear Costume RB Removed* Rudolf Costume RB SYSTEM New* CHINESE NEW YEAR 50% OFF SALE (on selected items) New* LEVEL RESTRICTION ON SE... Read more

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    [Patch Update] 12/28

    28 December 2016 , by admin_warrock

    [Dec 28, 2016 Update] Changelog: EVENT New* 2017 HAPPY NEW YEAR EVENT Info 1) Event Period: Dec 28 2016 until Jan 25 2017 2) Event Mechanics: a) Infantry & Vehicular Channel – Randomly get the “Happy Card”, “New Card” or “Year Card” when you kill enemies. b) A.I. Channel – When you finish any A.I.... Read more

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    [Patch Update] 12/15

    15 December 2016 , by admin_warrock

    [Dec 15, 2016 Update] Contents: PACKAGE New* XmasFairy Ultimate PKG Removed* Caine Ultimate PKG RANDOM BOX New* Xmas Weapon RB New* Polar Bear Costume RB New* Rudolf Costume RB Removed* Blood and Gold RB Removed* Autumn RB Removed* Combat Perks RB MAP Updated* X-MARIEN & X-CADORO Map Added (100% EXP) Note: Original Maps Removed EVENT New* Warro... Read more

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    [Patch Update] 11/23

    22 November 2016 , by admin_warrock

    [Nov 23, 2016 Update] (NOTE: PLEASE BE INFORMED THAT HALLOWEEN CANDY EVENT WILL BE REMOVED. USE YOUR HALLOWEEN CANDIES BEFORE THE MAINTENANCE) Contents: PACKAGE New* Caine Ultimate PKG Removed* Lean Ultimate PKG Removed* Dragon PKG Removed* Dragon Weapon PKG RANDOM BOX New* Blood and Gold RB New* Autumn RB New* Combat Perks RB Removed* Skulloween R... Read more

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    [WRPH] Online Tournament (2016...

    3 November 2016 , by admin_warrock

    [EVENT] Online Tournament (2016) This Month, we are opening a tournament for all the newly created clans out there in a 16-TEAM (clan based) Ladder Match Tournament! Each Clan/Team will be competing against other teams of 3 members(+1 backup member). The winning team will be taking home the ultimate in-game Prizes! [SCHEDULES] (Nov 4 – Nov 6)... Read more

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    [Patch Update] 10/26

    25 October 2016 , by admin_warrock

    [Oct 26, 2016 Update] Contents: PACKAGE New* Lean Ultimate PKG Removed* Hana Ultimate PKG Removed* Phoenix Weapons PKG RANDOM BOX New* Blue vs Pink RB New* Skulloween RB Removed* SCAR_H_PH RB Removed* Phoenix RB WEAPON New* MP7A1 Skull New* AW50F Skull New* SCAR_H Skull New* GRENADE_BOW Skull New* PLR22 Skull New* PLR22 New* AW50F_Lightning New* Sk... Read more

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    [Patch Update] 9/28

    27 September 2016 , by admin_warrock

    [Sept 28, 2016 Update] Contents: PACKAGE New* Hana Ultimate PKG New* Phoenix_Weapon_PKG Removed* Gina Ultimate PKG Removed* Aqua Weapons PKG RANDOM BOX New* Phoenix_RB New* 8th Slot RB New* CharSkin RB New* SCAR_H_PH RB Removed* Aqua Weapons RB WEAPON New* SCAR_H_PH New* Vector_HEX New* MP7A1_Phoenix New* DSR1_Phoenix New* M16A4_Phoenix New* QLB06_... Read more

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    [Patch Update] 8/24

    23 August 2016 , by admin_warrock

    [Aug 24, 2016 Update] Contents: (NOTE: PLEASE BE INFORMED THAT MARBLE EVENT AND SPORTS MEDAL EVENT WILL BE REMOVED. USE YOUR MARBLE TICKETS & MEDALS BEFORE THE MAINTENANCE) PACKAGE New* Gina Ultimate PKG New* Aqua Weapons PKG New* Character Parts Set RANDOM BOX New* Aqua Weapons RB WEAPON New* MP5K_Aqua New* VECTOR_Aqua New* VSS_Aqua New* F2000... Read more

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    [Patch Update] 7/27

    26 July 2016 , by admin_warrock

    [July 27, 2016 Update] Contents: (NOTE: PLEASE BE INFORMED THAT MARBLE TICKETS WILL RESET TO ZERO AFTER THE MAINTENANCE) PACKAGE New* Reznya_AddOns Removed* Reznya_Char_PKG RANDOM BOX New* K1_BioHazard_RB New* AW50F_BioHazard_RB New* M4A1_BioHazard_RB New* GRENADE_BOW_BioHazard_RB New* PH_Jersey_M_RB / PH_Jersey_F_RB Removed* M_Soccer_RB / F_Soccer... Read more

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    [Patch Update] 6/22

    22 June 2016 , by admin_warrock

    [June 22, 2016 Update] Contents: PACKAGE New* Reznya_Char_PKG New* Kamaong_Bakal_PKG New* Battle_Medic_PKG Removed* Scar_H Blood Per PKG Removed* Quartz Summer PKG Removed* Marquis Summer PKG   RANDOM BOX New* Lion_Weapons_RB Removed* Blood Weapons RB   WEAPON New* x95_Lion New* AUG_Lion New* M4A1_Lion New* M202A1_Lion MAP New* Modern Hou... Read more

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